Software Implementation

Your implementation, your way. Whether your approach is to have us show you how to implement, have us implement with your assistance or a combination, we can assist in helping you make that decision.


We will work with you to decide which training option is best for you. It could be a web training class, an in-person session or both. We will work with you to decide upon the agenda topics as well as the deployment method. We can also assist with training documentation. This could be anything from a policy manual, classroom materials or quick reference cards.

Data Conversion

With all the options available, we will assist with selecting the right tool for transferring data from your current system into the new one. Whether you convert the data, we convert the data or something in between, we will develop a plan that will best suit your needs.

Project Management

There has to be a PLAN! We will come up with and manage the PLAN.

Custom Reports

Anyone can write a report! There are a lot of different tools that will assist in custom report writing. We can show you how or we can write the report.